This helped me so much.
I could play songs fine, but when it came to writing improv solos in a certain key, I couldn’t even tell you where to begin.
This site helped more than you could imagine, and on top of that its not one of those money hungry sites that you have to
be a “member” for to get a decent lesson.
This was amazing. Thank you!

I have been playing for about four years, but never
got any kind of understanding on how to improv solos. Since I don’t take
lessons, I decided the next best thing was the internet. I scoured the internet
for about two weeks. Every day, I looked for info on scales, and modes,
but I couldn’t understand any of it. Yesterday, I found this site. In one
night, I grasped the entire concept of improv. Not only did I learn key
scales, but better yet, I learned how to construct those scales so that
I can find them anywhere. Now I am out of my rut and improving extremely

I want to sincerely thank you for providing
these lessons. I really hope you realize how much you help people like myself
, I could not find lessons so simple and clear anywhere. I have learned
more from your online lessons than I have from all of the books and magazines
that I own. With private lessons being so expensive and once a week also
the problem of finding a teacher that can simplify the lessons , made me
give up learning so many times. You have some how found a way to take out
the confusion and now I understand everything that use to puzzle me. Once
again Thank You. P.S. If I (when I ) make it in the music business I’ll
owe it in part to you. 🙂
Tiffany Neal

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This is without question the finest guitar site
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to old folk albums long enough to figure out what they’re doing (with a
little help from some friends that taught me standard and bar chords), but
I don’t know anything about music and can’t do much more than play basic
rhythm guitar and sing – your site has taken me beyond this and brought
my playing into an entirely new realm. Thank you very much.
Sam Snider

I must say that this is by far the best guitar
related page I’ve come across. I mean, it is absolutely fantastic. I am
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work has definitely improved my understanding of the instrument. It is beautiful.
Thomas Reed

I pride myself on being resourceful and having
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You site is by far the best I’ve found. Coupled with some of the sites on
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Robert Dietz

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Elijah Chua


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I mean that whole-heartedly, I just came across it today, I don’t even know
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Kristy Garry

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Akmal Ariffin

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Andy Newton

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Kudos to a job well done!
Jeff Sabarese

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Hi there! I just stumbled upon your web site
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Abet Ocampo

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Tom White

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Mead McGuire

I too am 19, yet I live in the UK. Over here,
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Just to give you a few Kudos … Very nice ..
Thank you .. I will pass this one to my fiends ..
Robert Sureman

You made a great site, especially the lessons.
I’m 40 years old and I have played guitar for more than 25 years now, but
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Jaap van der Molen

from Holland

Patrick, Thank you for providing such a great
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David Fosmire

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Kurt Geens

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C. Costello

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Jim Schiller

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James Botkin

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Dan Comeau

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I have searched many sites before and after I had found yours, and YOURS
is still the best by far nothing I have found even comes close to it. Thanks
for taking your time to give me what you know.

Many thanks for your insight into chord resolving.
In the song “Alice’s Restaurant” Arlo Guthrie played a nice progression
of chords that tied up the tune with a bit of flare. I’ve looked all over
the Internet for someone who had written those chords out, but with no luck.
So I ended up searching on “chord progression” and came across
your fine site. After educating myself in the theory of chord resolution,
I realized that he was playing the I-IV-V sequence with the III chord for
the IV and V chords. I figured out a nice voicing on the guitar, and ended
up with a fine sounding progression to finish off a simple 12 bar blues
song. Thanks again, and I’ll never forget what you taught me!
Daniel Brewer

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ps: down here in kangaroo land there simply are no sites anything like yours
keep it up!!! i will be back!
Shane Eyre

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Rob Kain

I’d like to thank you for a great site. I purchased
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I have some keyboard experience, but not much. Anyways, I did a yahoo search
and came up with quite a few sites. Some were selling lessons by mail, and
others had tabulatures that were way over my head. There were even sites
that had music to back up the guitar….ONLY problem for me was that I didn’t
even know how to hold the damn thing ! THEN I came across your site…which
had information progressing in a sensible format. From the basic beginner
(ME) on up. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to enter all
this info. I have a site for my business, and know how time consuming it
is. Your time and trouble is appreciated, and hopefully, soon…I’ll be
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André Tessier

This the the best guitar page I’ve ever seen….
I love it. Great work.
Khawer Khan

Just a note of thanks for putting your lessons,
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these concise and “to the point” lessons are absolutely the greatest.
Again, my thanks for such a “groovy” site.
Jim Swanson

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Watt Casey, Jr.

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Alex Tapia

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Jeffrey D. Wills

I want to tell you I got shocked when I read
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Riff Machine

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Guitar Girl

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Pete Bragginton

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Caleb Masters Guitarist 5 years

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Rock on!
Michael Cross

Commissioning Editor

Pearson Education Australia (Longman)

Schools Division

I am 27, an artist/ poet / all that other cliché
stuff. After spending one night at a party & fooling around with a buddies
guitar I am possessed. (I am not one for fads or impulse) I immediately
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Glenn Allen

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Will Broeske

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Jan Veiel

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Scott Sinclair

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“Easy C”

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Jason Ellis

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Adam Bradfield

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Steve Doan