The Secrets of Learning the Fretboard

Glossary of Guitar Terms

Accent An emphasized note Accidental A symbol used to raise or lower the pitch of a note in standard notation. The symbol is either a sharp (♯), a flat (♭), or a natural sign (♮). […]

List of Chord Formulas

(♭ = flat ♯ = sharp) Major I – III – V Major 6 I – III – V – VI Major 6 add 9 I – III – V – VI – IX Major […]

List of Alternate Tunings

Standard Tuning EADGBE Drop D DADGBE Drop D down 1/2 step D♭A♭D♭G♭B♭E♭ Double Drop D DADGBD DADGAD DADGAD Open D Major DADF♯AD Open A Major EAC♯EAE Open E Major EBEG♯BE Open G Major DGDGBD