The Secrets of Learning the Fretboard
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Harmonics are played every time you pluck a note. Most of the time, however, you do not hear them. What you hear is the fundamental (sometimes called the first harmonic). The fundamental is the loudest […]

Lick, Riff or Trick

Funky Blues Riff Feature Image
Licks, Riffs, and Tricks

LRT-002 Funky Blues Riff

This riff only uses four notes plus a couple 1/2 step bends.  It has a nice funky blues edge to it.   This riff was written and recorded by Charles Gervase.

Selected Exercise

Ex-004 Fretting Combinations Exercise Part 1

Ex-004 Fretting Combinations Exercise 1

The goal of this exercise is to improve the speed of your fingers when playing on a single string in a given fretboard position.  The example below shows the 6th string in 1st position. Place […]