Welcome to Guitar Lesson World

Welcome to Guitar Lesson World!  This article will tell you how to get the most out of my site.  I will point you to some of my best lessons, tell you how you can find everything, and offer you some free swag!

How the Site is Organized

  • About Patmac – Learn about me, my motivations, my gear, and how this whole thing got started.
  • Lessons – these are individual lessons that focus on topics or styles.  They will be included in the courses, but they can be used individually to fill a gap in your playing.  I am constantly striving to improve and expand on these.
  • Exercises – exercises help guitarists improve their skills.  These ones will be used throughout the courses, but they are available in their own category for guitarists who want to plan their own practice sessions.
  • Licks – It is fun and instructive to learn a new lick, riff, or trick.  I place them here because they don’t normally fit into a planned course.
  • Songs – I will post songs that I have permission to teach here.  When possible, I will include tablature and notation.  If you can’t find it here, I know several great sites to find more songs.
  • Blog – You’ll find some great articles in this section.  My goal is to provide great guitar information that probably won’t be found in the courses.  Some series of articles can be found in this section.
    • Ask Patmac – Ask me your questions and I will answer them here.
    • Recommendations – Find out everything that I recommend.  I do a LOT of homework before I recommend a product.  Rest assured that I stand behind all my recommendations.  A week before I wrote this, I recommended my top recommended beginner electric guitar to a friend who briefly played 10 years ago.  When he received his guitar, he was surprised by how easy it was to play.
    • Announcements – Major announcements will be made through the blog too.
  • Books – Currently, I have three books
  • Resources – This section includes blank notation, sheet music, software, and anything else that will support your learning process.

Recommendations for Beginner and Aspiring Guitarists

I recommend that you start with the lessons section.  Go through the lessons one by one.  They are currently organized in an order that should work well.  You can learn about the guitar’s anatomy, how to tune a guitar, 7 beginner playing techniques, and much more.

Recommendations for Intermediate Guitarists

As an intermediate, I recommend that you browse some of my most popular lessons.  The chord construction and pentatonic scale lessons are popular.  I think the 12 bar blues lesson is useful because it includes some more advanced chords, such as Dominant 9ths and a Dominant 13 chord that sweetens the 12 bar blues a bit.

If my lessons aren’t enough,  my books cover fretboard mastery and theory like diatonic harmony in Guitar Lesson World The Book.

Recommendations for Pro Guitarists

If you’re good enough to be a pro, contact me to see if we can collaborate on one of your projects or my own.  I look for unique content that can be published on my site.  One of the best ways is to provide an exercise or lick to share.

How You Can Stay Informed?

I use facebook and twitter to get the word out about new content, books, and special offers.

  1. Follow me on social media
  2. Subscribe to my RSS feed at https://www.guitarlessonworld.com/feed

Why I Give Away Lessons For Free

I want to help you learn guitar.  I enjoy the conversations and the fun of sharing music.  It has always been about the joy of the guitar.  I didn’t try to make a penny for 10 years, when I wrote my first book.  The reward has always come in the form of an email testimonial thanking me for creating my site.

Giving Back to GLW

I am sometimes asked about how someone can give back to me.

  1. Let me know what is working for you (and what is not) – It helps me create better content.  Send me a link of your playing!
  2. Spread the word – use social media, tell a friend, post my site on your webpage/blog, etc.
  3. If you want more of my content, consider buying one of my books.

How You Can Contact Me

Please, contact me with your questions and suggestions.   If you email me, I will respond, so don’t be afraid.  I’m here to help!

You can also post something on my social media pages (linked above) or leave a comment on a page.