Ex-011 Ascending and Descending Quads

Ex-011 Ascending and Descending Quads Feature Image

Use these exercises to build speed and to avoid sounding like you’re playing scales.

A quad is a grouping of four notes.  Two exercises that use quads are given below.  One ascends and the other descends.  Each quad follows a distinct pattern, which shifts the first note by one in the major scale.  Ascending the first four quads are as follows.

  1. C-D-E-F
  2. D-E-F-G
  3. E-F-G-A
  4. F-G-A-B

Similarly, you can descend with quads by shifting down one note in the scale for each quad.

Here are a few tips

  1. Try different scales with quads.  The following ones use the C major scale.
  2. Try to figure out the most efficient fingerings.
  3. Notice the difference between 3 notes per string and 2 notes per string.
  4. Try to figure out the most efficient picking method: alternate picking, economy picking, etc.

These exercises were written, notated, and recorded by James Coulthard.  Although they are recorded at a fast tempo, I recommend using a metronome to start slowly.  These can be tricky.  Enjoy!

Ex-011 Ascending and Descending Quads

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