LRT-022 Jazzy Blues Turnaround

LRT-022 Jazzy Blues Turnaround Feature Image

Learn a jazzy blues turnaround in the key of C.  In this turnaround, the chord progression is I-vi-ii-V-I.  The I-vi-ii-V is common in the last two bars of a 12 bar blues.

For those who are unfamiliar with turnarounds, they are played at the end of a progression to “turn the song around”.  In other words, it is a sequence of chords to repeat the song.  The last two bars of this song would play the I-vi-ii-V followed by the I, which starts the repeated part of the song.

The lick below uses a Cmaj9 arpeggio followed by the blues scale and major pentatonic scales.  Enjoy!

This turnaround was written and recorded by Roman Garcia.

LRT-022 Jazzy Blues Turnaround

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