LRT-014 Triad Funk Riff

LRT-014 Triad Funk Riff Feature Image

Learn a fun way to play triads to play a funk riff consisting of sixteenth notes.

This week’s riff, by Charles Gervase, uses the same pattern over both measures.  In total, four triads are given.

First Measure Triads

Am: xxx555
C: xxx553

Second Measure Triads

Gm: xxx333
B♭: xxx331 (enharmonic with A♯)


  • Keep a steady right hand with an alternate strumming pattern.  It should move at the pace of a sixteenth notes even when playing the dotted eighth note.
  • Be sure to mute the triads by lifting your left hand off the fretboard while touching the strings.
  • Don’t barre the minor triads because it will be harder to move to the major chord afterwards.
  • Have fun with it!

Triad Funk Riff

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