The Secrets of Learning the Fretboard

Ex-002 Alternate Picking Exercise

Ex-002 Alternate Picking Exercise

The goal of this exercise is to improve the speed and accuracy of your alternate picking. Go slow enough to play it perfectly before increasing the speed.

The following picking combination should be used: d, u, d, u, d, u, etc. where d = downstroke and u = upstroke.

Alternate Picking Exercise

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  1. Thanks for this website, I’m looking for getting shred skills but here in Mexico schools and teachers are so expensive and they just drain away your money. I have a good knowledge of the music theory and practice but I lack of techniques and certain knowledge in scales and ability to improvisation (?) teachers got me stuck in senseless exercises and basic chords for months and I didn’t even get any good as they said in the short term they promised. Long story… I hope you can post some material about this issue and get deeper into some tricks and techniques. Thanks again

    • Alex, I have some content coming. Please use the links in the side-bar to follow me on facebook and twitter to get my new content announcements. I have a couple licks, exercises, and lessons coming that may help you.

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