LRT-033 Double-Stop Riff

Learn a fun two-bar double-stop blues riff.

This one is all about a blues rhythm with a swing feel.  You’ll notice that the open-string double-stops in the first measure use staccato to give a short, noticeable sound.

In measure 2 you’ll hear a satisfying double-stop descending run.  This is a classic blues sound, and I hope you enjoy it!

This riff was notated and recorded by Charles Gervase.

Double-stop Guitar Riff

4 Comments on LRT-033 Double-Stop Riff

  1. Im a saxlayer for 40 some years and play guitar also. Looking to better understand soloing over chord progressions. Im really good at improving but need to actually know the key I am playing in and notes and chords that make up the riff…love double stop riffs too. Thanks

  2. Thank-you, Patrick so very kind to take your time in explaining this in an understandable way. I say you make the best teacher. You made me feel smart that I could actually understand most of it. That was the E blues-scale however, using the aback-tracking I do not know that part and also using the E note after each measure? a little confused. Oh! I must say I really liked the Riff by Charles Gervase I will save it in my tab note book… I play the acoustic and the Strata-caster going on four years and I feel I am addicted to music like crazy. I am always looking forward to learning any thing that has to do with music. It is like learning a language.. again Thank-you so for this post…

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