LRT-028 Blues Ending in E

Classic Blues Ending in E

Upgrade your blues jamming with this classic blues ending that is suitable for beginners.

When you learn the blues,  you often learn blues turnarounds and endings.  This triplet-based ending is a classic.  In this example, we use the key of E major.

To use it, play a 12 bar blues progression in the key of E.  When you want to end the song, replace the last two bars with the following ending.

Normally,blues turnarounds end with the V chord or a lick based on the V chord before repeating the progression.  Blues endings replace the V chord with the I chord, as you’ll see below.  If you want,  you can replace the last measure with one based on the V chord to create a similar turnaround.  I’ll leave that exercise to you!

This blues ending was notated and recorded by Milan Trickovic.


Blues ending in E tablature


Drums Only

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