The Secrets of Learning the Fretboard

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AP-014: How do I measure signal latency?

Question How do I measure signal latency to improve my real-time use of modeling software? Answer If you use modeling software like Amplitube in real-time, you will need to understand signal latency. The round-trip latency […]

AP-013 What are your Favorite Exotic Chords?

Question What are your personal favorite 3 “exotic” or less commonly known guitar chords that you recommend for intermediate/advanced guitarists? Answer Exotic chords usually require a special rule to use it well. I don’t recommend […]

AP-008 How Do I Memorize Songs?

Question I started my music course this week and had to play a song from memory. I struggled to recall the chord progression without my safety net. Any advice on how to improve this please?

AP-007 Why are chords major or minor?

Question Why are chords called major chords or minor chords? ~Tony Answer Major and minor chords have a difference in one particular note, the third.  Let’s look at how it gets that name through a […]

AP-005 – Why do guitars have dots?

Question I am a rank beginner to the guitar. I am trying to learn the function of the fretboard. The guitar I have borrowed is classical with 12 frets. How do I transfer what I […]